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1. The following definitions apply to these General Terms:
 Client: a person having engaged Arstrong in provision of Services or having established discussion with Arstrong in relation to engagement of the latter in provision of Services, including a person having received a proposal of Arstrong to provide the Services.
 Arstrong: Arstrong Law Firm LLC having its primary place of business in Kiev, Ukraine
 Agreement: the agreement under which the Arstrong undertakes to carry out the work (to provide Services) for the Client.
 Services: any services Arstrong provides to the Client, including professional legal services, book-keeping services etc.
 2. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to any provision of Services to the Client by the Arstrong, except where provided otherwise in the documents signed by the Client and Arstrong. The Arstrong explicitly rejects the applicability of the Client’s General Terms and/or Conditions.

3. The Agreement consists of these General Terms and other documents the Arstrong and the Client may sign to formalize their relationships (e.g. advisory services agreement, engagement letter). The Agreement is deemed to have been concluded under these General Terms and Conditions as soon as the Arstrong has initiated the provision of Services at the Client’s request. Unless and until the Client and Arstrong sign any documents formalizing their relationships with respect to provision of Services, the Agreement shall be deemed consisting of these General Terms only. The Agreement supersedes and replaces any previous proposals, correspondence, agreements or other communications, whether orally or in writing. The Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period unless its contents, nature or effect imply that it was concluded for a definite period.
 4. The Client undertakes to provide the Arstrong with all information and documents which the latter believes to be required for the timely and proper execution of the Agreement, and to do so on time and in the desired form and manner. The Client undertakes to inform the Arstrong without delay of any facts and circumstances that might be relevant to the proper execution of the Agreement. Unless the nature of the Agreement dictates otherwise, the Client is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information and documentation provided to the Arstrong, even if they originate with or are acquired from third parties. Any additional costs and extra fees due to a delay in the execution of the Agreement resulting from failure to make the requested information or documents available or to do so on time or in the proper fashion are for the Client’s account.
 5. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, the Arstrong will carry out all activities to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with professional standards. The Arstrong keeps working papers in relation to the Agreement. This file, which contains copies of relevant documents, is the property of the Arstrong.
 6. Except where a statutory provision, regulation or other professional obligation to disclose information is in effect, the Arstrong and its staff undertake to maintain confidentiality vis-à-vis third parties in respect of confidential information acquired from the Client. The Client may discharge the Arstrong and its staff from this obligation. The Arstrong cannot use the information provided by the Client for any purpose other than for which its was obtained without the Client’s written consent. By way of exception, this provision does not apply if the Arstrong represents itself in disciplinary, civil or criminal proceedings in which this information may be relevant. Except where a statutory provision, regulation, or other professional obligation to disclose information is in effect, or the Arstrong has given its prior written consent to do so, the Client will not disclose to third parties the contents of reports, opinions or any other written or oral statements issued by the Arstrong.
 7. The Arstrong has the right to refer its clients and potential clients in general terms to the activities performed, provided that this only serves as a description of the Arstrong’s experience.
 8. The Arstrong reserves all intellectual property rights in relation to products of the intellect it uses or has used and/or develops or has developed within the framework of the execution of the engagement, the copyrights or other intellectual property rights to which it holds or can exercise. The Client is explicitly prohibited from reproducing, publishing or using for commercial purposes, whether alone or involving third parties, those products, including computer programs, systems designs, working methods, opinions, contracts and model contracts and other products of the intellect, all in the broadest sense of the word. These products cannot be reproduced and/or published and/or used for commercial purposes unless the Arstrong has given its written consent. The Client has the right to reproduce the written documents for use within its own organisation
 where this is in line with the purpose of the engagement.
 9. Compensation due to the Arstrong for the Services provided will consist of professional fee and reimbursement of expenses. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the professional fee of Arstrong shall be determined based on the unified hourly rate of the employees and/or specialists involved by the Company in rendering Services to the Client in the amount of EUR 200 (two hundred Euros), VAT exclusive. Expenses incurred by Arstrong in connection with provision of the Services and reimbursable to the Arstrong by the Client shall include but not be limited to travel expenses (such as airfare, lodging and meals), per diems, telecommunication expenses (such as cost of business calls by the personnel’s mobile phones), transportation costs, and any other expenses related to the provision of Services. The professional fee charged by the Arstrong is exclusive of out-of-pocket expenses and expense claims filed by third parties commissioned by the Arstrong. All fees are exclusive of VAT.
 10. In the absence of a specific agreement between the parties to the contrary, the Client is required to settle the invoices of Arstrong (including the professional fee charged and related expenses incurred) without any deduction, discount or debt settlement no later than 15 days after the invoice date. Payments, which must be denominated in the currency indicated in the invoice, must be made by means of money transfer to a bank account designated by the Arstrong. If the Client fails to pay within the period referred to above, the Arstrong has the right, without prejudice to its other rights, to immediately suspend the further execution of the Agreement, and that which the Client owes to the Arstrong for whatever reason will become immediately due and payable.
 11. The Arstrong must be notified in writing of complaints relating to the work carried out and/or the invoiced amount within 30 days of the date of dispatch of the documents or information in respect of which the Client is filing a complaint. Complaints as referred to above do not exempt the Client from its obligation to pay. If the Client filed a legitimate complaint, it has the option of adjusting the fee charged, having the rejected work rectified or repeated free of charge or terminating the Agreement (or remaining work) in exchange for a refund proportionate to the fee already paid by the Client.
 12. If the Client is required to make an advance payment or to make information and/or materials available for the purposes of executing the Agreement, then the term taken for completion of the work will not take effect until the Arstrong receives the payment in full or until all information and/or materials have been made available to the Arstrong respectively.
 13. The Client and the Arstrong have the right to terminate the Agreement, whether prematurely or not, in writing at any time with due observance of a reasonable notice period. If the Client decides to terminate the Agreement, whether prematurely or not, the Arstrong is entitled to compensation for its resulting underutilisation for which there is prima facie evidence, as well as for additional costs that must reasonably be incurred as a result of the premature termination of the Agreement, e.g. costs in relation to subcontracting, unless the termination was motivated by facts and circumstances that can be attributed to the Arstrong.
 14. The Arstrong will carry out its work to the best of its ability, while exercising the due care that may be expected of Arstrong. If an error is made as a result of the Client providing incorrect or incomplete information, the Arstrong is not liable for any resulting loss. If the Client proves that it has suffered a loss due to an error by the Arstrong that could have been prevented if proper care had been taken, the Arstrong is liable for that loss up to an amount of the fees actually paid to the Arstrong for that part of the Services giving rise to the liability. The Arstrong shall not be liable to the Client for consequential damages or lost profits.
 15. The Client indemnifies the Arstrong against third-party claims for losses incurred as a result of the Client supplying incorrect or incomplete information to the Arstrong. Unless stipulated explicitly in the Agreement, the Arstrong’s opinion about any organisation cannot be considered as investment advisory services.
 16. Unless the Arstrong has given its express consent in writing, the Client is not permitted to assign any obligation laid down in the Agreement to third parties.
 17. During the performance of the Agreement, the Client and the Arstrong will be able to communicate via electronic mail at either party’s request. Both the Client and the Arstrong recognize the risks associated with electronic mail, including, but not limited to, distortion, delays and viruses. The Client and the Arstrong hereby declare that they will not hold each other liable for any losses incurred by either of them as a result of the use of electronic mail. Both the Client and the Arstrong will do or refrain from doing all that can reasonably be expected from them to avoid such risks. If the Client or Arstrong is in doubt as to the correctness of a mail message they have received, then the contents of the message originating with the sender is decisive.
 18. The rights or powers enjoyed by the Arstrong under this Agreement will not be affected or limited by the Arstrong’s failure to directly enforce any rights or powers. Any right or authority laid down in or ensuing from any provision or condition of the Agreement can only be renounced in writing.
 19. If case of discrepancies between these General Terms and other documents signed by Arstrong and the Client to formalize their relationships, the provisions contained in such other documents will prevail.
 20. Neither party will, during the performance of the Agreement and within one year of termination of the Agreement, employ persons who are or were involved in the execution of the Agreement on behalf of the opposite party or conduct negotiations with these persons about employment, other than in consultation with the opposite party. The party that employs one or more persons who were involved in the execution of the Agreement on behalf of the opposite party despite the restriction referred to above, undertakes to pay to the opposite party at least the recruitment costs incurred by that party for the purposes of recruiting one or more replacements.
 21. All Agreements between the Client and the Arstrong are governed by the laws of Ukraine. Unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in writing, all disputes between the Client and the Arstrong relating to the Agreement will be referred to the competent court of Ukraine.